Dinner in Time...

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Let our Living History docents at Highlander Productions do what we do best, create a magical evening under the stars,  for your Historic Site or Private Event Site. We create the unique menus of popular foods and dishes from eras gone by with a not so new method of farm to table approach or what would have been stored in root cellars of the time. We can do a simple 2 course meal (main Course and Desert) or do three to four course menus depending on your needs. Contact us for an appointment to visit your Historic Site or schedule an appointment to have us look at a Private Venue for your next exciting dining adventure in time. Our Time lines are 1776-1920

Please Note: Allergen Alert! Due to the Historical Nature of our Dinner in Time, we are NOT allergen, Vegetarian or Vegan Friendly. We use Tree and Ground Nuts in our dishes along with USDA certified meats and animal by products such as Eggs, Milk, Butter, and Cheeses